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Vicki Arnott—Story Polisher

I had always dreamed of becoming a writer but, in a busy teaching career, seldom found the time. In 2013 I joined the Rotorua Writers Group and began to share my writing with club members. After receiving positive responses and lots of encouragement, my confidence grew. Perhaps I could write a book.

I wrote my first novel, The Crystal Bluebird, in 2015. Completing the novel after years of dreaming about it was quite an achievement, but I still had a lot to learn about writing novels and the book publishing industry. I joined the New Zealand Society of Authors and found an editor, Patricia Bell, who worked with me on my first and subsequent novels. Her input was invaluable. Her feedback gave me much needed insights, teaching me how to become a better writer. I began a knowledge quest, scouring the internet for writers' blogs and information about writing. I read book after book on the subjects of writing and publishing and took a few online courses in publishing and book promotion.

As an avid movie-watcher and teacher who thrived on the creative arts and digital technologies, I developed a keen interest in the idea of making movies. In 2016 I studied screenplay writing at Toi Oho Mai (formerly known as the Waiariki Institute of Technology) and began making amateur movies with my students at school.

In 2018 I worked with the Rotorua Writers Group Committee to produce an anthology of members' writing. I was active at every stage of the two-year project which involved collecting contributions, editing and proofreading, formatting the e-book and publishing it online. Heads Will Roll was published at the end of 2019.

In 2020 I decided to formalise my qualifications, and returned to Massey University to complete my Graduate Certificate in Arts in Creative Writing. The following year I completed a Diploma of Proofreading and Editing from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies. During 2020 I worked with a group of students to produce an online ezine, The Cosmic Gossip. 

I wrote and published three more books: Christmas Crackers in 2018, Between Stars in 2019, and Home in Time in 2021.

I've met so many writers and authors who just need a little help to navigate the steps towards publishing the stories or books that are dear to their hearts. I've navigated those steps and I love helping others climb those steps too. I can't wait to help bring the next great book into the world. 

Vicki Arnott


Bachelor of Education, Graduate Certificate in Arts (Creative Writing), Diploma of Proofreading and Editing.

Thirty-five years' experience as a primary school teacher with particular skills in the teaching of reading, writing, and the creative arts. 

Independently published author of novels and short stories, contributor and co-editor of The Cosmic Gossip, an online science fiction and fantasy ezine.

Member of the New Zealand Society of Authors and the Rotorua Writers Group. 

I can help you turn your manuscript into a quality book that meets professional standards.