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Copy Edit

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Your manuscript is nearing completion. You're happy with its content and structure, but it isn't quite ready for public eyes. It needs a little more work to bring it to the next level.


You feel there might be better words to express exactly what you mean. There are sentences that haven't come out quite right and you know they could be clearer. Sometimes the flow seems a bit awkward or the language too waffly. You need help to bring those dull, passive sentences to life with fresh, vivid and active language. 


You don't want your readers to give up on your book before they've finished the first page. You want them to be as excited to read your masterpiece as you were to write it. 


When I copy edit your manuscript, I'll evaluate your sentences and paragraphs to identify issues with vocabulary, language and organisation. I'll provide suggestions and examples to show you how to re-craft your writing, and give explanations for the necessary changes. 


You'll not only have clearer, livelier text that is pleasurable to read, you'll have gained new insights and skills to utilise in your future writing. 

Getting Started


I'll need some details about your manuscript, things like what type of document it is and its size. We'll go through an information checklist, then once I have a good understanding of what's required, I'll confirm your booking and you can send me your manuscript. 

Copy Edit


Once I receive your manuscript, I'll work methodically through a comprehensive checklist to proofread and copy edit your work. 

Corrections, alterations and suggestions will be marked with in-text changes or as side comments in your document. 

Editing Report


Once your copy edit is complete, I'll return your edited manuscript to you along with a summary report highlighting any consistent issues for your attention, with advice and feedback that you'll find helpful for your future wriitng. 

You'll have a manuscript you can present or publish, confident that it is a high-quality, professional document containing language that is clear, flowing and fresh. 


You'll make a positive impact on your readers. 

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