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Ensure your manuscript is error-free



Get your manuscript checked before you publish


You've worked hard to finish your precious manuscript or important document, but you want to be certain that it's as professional and error-free as possible before it's presented to the public. 


You don't want the time, effort and passion that's gone into your work to be undermined by sloppy presentation and identifiable errors. You want your work to be respected and recognised as high-quality and professional. 


When I proofread your work I'll take the time to check it thoroughly. I'm familiar with the common mistakes and pitfalls of English language usage. I will find the typos, misspelled words, errant punctuation marks and off-track formatting issues. I'll work methodically through a comprehensive checklist to make sure no item is left unexamined. 


You'll have a professional manuscript or document you can present or publish with confidence and pride.  

Getting started


I'll need some details about your manuscript or document, and other relevant information, such as how large it is and your deadline for completion. Once the requirements are established, I'll confirm your booking and you can send me your document. 



Once I receive your document, I'll work methodically through a comprehensive checklist to correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. I'll highlight any issues with consistency in the text and also check the formatting. 

Polished manuscript


When the proofread is complete, I'll return your document to you with all corrections marked for your perusal. 


You'll make the final changes to your document and be ready to publish or present it with full confidence that it is a high-quality, professional document that reflects your hard work and talent. 

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