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Structural Edit

develop the content and organisation of your book


structural edit

You have a first draft of your manuscript but you know it needs more work


You've put time and effort into creating your manuscript. It's well on its way, though still unrefined and lacking in some way. Your story is going to be wonderful, it's just not there yet. You know it needs work but you're uncertain of exactly what needs attention and how to go about making the changes it needs. 


Does the plot need adjusting? Or do the characters need more depth? Have you got enough conflict and action? Or does it need an infusion of emotion? Is the pace breakneck and dizzying or dragging like a zombie in chains? Are you caught up in cliche or bogged down in unrealistic dialogue?


You hesitate to hit the delete button and start rewriting because you don't want to scrap the good bits in your effort to remove the dross. You need help to identify what's working well and what needs improvement. You need guidance on where to focus your attention and how to begin re-crafting your text.


When I comprehensively edit your manuscript, I'll evaluate the elements and give you valuable advice and guidance on how to improve the plot, characters and scenes, as well as show you how to craft vibrant and effective language so that your story comes alive for readers. 


You'll continue writing your manuscript with enthusiasm and confidence, bringing your work to the next level: a high quality, professional publication. 

Getting started


I'll need some details about your manuscript and what you'd most like help with, such as the type and size of your manuscript, and any other information that will help me understand how I can best help you.

Once I know what's required, I'll confirm your booking and you can send me your manuscript.   

manuscript Edit


Once I receive your document I'll begin your comprehensive edit. My edit will focus on higher order elements such as the structure and organisation of the text, plot and character development, scene structure, writing style and any consistent issues with punctuation, grammar and language.

Editing Report


Once your comprehensive edit is complete, I'll return your manuscript to you along with a feedback report. Your feedback will include description or explanation of identified issues in the text as well as advice, examples and suggestions for how to re-craft your work. 

There will also be a summary of recommendations for your next steps.  

You'll have clear direction for your project and will be able to continue work on your manuscript with enthusiasm and confidence, bringing you closer to your final draft and your high quality, professional publication. 

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